After the colligation of information from the Newsletter of the Department of Home Affairs on 19 Feb and the verbal sessions given to migration agents by the Department, the below are some important highlights.

1) The TSS will not be launched and implemented on 1 March, more likely will be in mid-March or later.

2) All SBS, nominations and visa applications of SC457 have been lodged before the TSS implementation day will continue to be assessed under the old rules.

3) If both of nomination and visa applications of SC457 have been lodged before the implementation day of TSS, the applications will be assessed under the old rules. However, if only the nomination lodged before the implementation day but the visa application has not, the nomination will not be proceeded and needs to be withdrawn.

4) Labour Market Testing applies to all type of occupations unless International trade obligations apply.

5) Genuine Temporary Entrance requirement applies to primary applicants of STSOL occupations. Normally, applicants from the countries of International trade obligations applied will meet the requirement.

6) Two years of work experience requirement for TSS can count on those obtained through professional year, research components of Master/PHD and clinical placements and internships if for medical practitioners and performance experience gained while studying if for performing arts occupations.

7) SBS renewal will be substantially simplified.

8) All SBS, no matter for newly setup businesses or long established ones still approved for 5-year-term. Nominations lodged from the accredited SBS businesses will be approved within 5 days.

9) Salary to meet TSMIT: there will be no more base salary principle, there will be only guaranteed annual earnings excluding those non-monetary benefits to meet TSMIT.

10) Different level of English requirements set for STSOL and MLTSSL occupations. In short, the English level required for STSOL occupations is slightly lower than which required for MLTSSL occupations.

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference only, it requires confirmation by the Department of Home Affairs in their further announcement on TSS.[:]

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