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The Upper Age Limit
The upper age limit for Working Holiday Visa increased to 35 years old from 30 for applicants of Canada and Ireland.

Proposing Changes
-Priority Areas for Applying for 2nd WHV visa: Applicants will be able to apply for 2nd WHV visa for undertaking regional plant and animal cultivation work in additional priority areas.

-Increase Number of Places: The number of places will be increased for some countries for applying the WHV visa.

-Extension of WHV’s period for working with same employer: The holders of WHV visa generally can only work with the same employer for six months unless receiving an approval from the Department to extend the period to 12 months if working in the specified works. With the proposed changes, the specified works will be extended to working for agricultural employers.

-Introduction of 3rd Year Visa: A third year visa option for WHV will be introduced from 1 July 2019 onward for whose complete six months of regional work in the second year.


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