Skill Visa Points Calculator

Australia Skill Visa EOI Point Calculator

1. Age

*If your age is not in any of the above ranges, you are not eligible to apply for a point-test skilled visa.

2. Your English Test Result

* Your English Test Result must be within the last 3 years to be valid.

3. Overseas Experience in your occupation

4. Australia Experience in your occupation

* the maximum points from combining overseas and Australia experience is 20.

5. Education

6. Australia Study

* it must be a registered CRICOS's course, at least two year full-time and award of a trade certificate or above level study.

7. Professional Year(ICT, Accounting or Engineering)

* it must be for a period totalling at least 12 months in the 48 months immediately before invitation to apply for a skilled visa, and it relates to your nominated occupation.

8. Specialist educational qualification. (STEM)

* it must be at least at Master in Research or PHD level.

9. Australia Regional Study

* it must be a registered CRICOS's course, at least two year full-time study and you have completed and awarded of a trade certificate or above level qualification.

10. Have Credentially Community Language(NATTI) certification?

11. Relationship Status

** if your partner passes the skill assessment of a nominated occupation, it must be in the same subclass of visa you applying for.

12. State Nomination(Subclass 190).

13. Regional State Nomination(Subclass 491)

Pathways for obtaining a Skill Visa

There are many steps involved before obtaining the skill visa, such as how to lodge an effective EOI, skill assessment, English tests, eligible work experience, Australia study requirement, State nomination etc. Please contact us for a consultation to discuss what you can do to maximise your chance to obtain a skill visa.

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