Student finance calculator

Student Visa Finance Capacity Calculator

1. What is the ANNUAL tuition cost of your course?

2. How many months will you study in Australia? Please type 12 months if the course is more than 12 months.

3. Will you lodge your Student Visa application inside or outside Australia?

4. Are you apply for this Visa alone or with family members?

Note:Include Family Member (12 mth living cost:$21,041 for primary applicant, $7,362 for spouse, $3,152 per dependent child and 12 mth school fee $8,296 per school aged child)

4.1 Which family member will you include?

4.2 How many child will be included?

Pathways for staying in Australia after the completion of course

Did you know after you successfully completed your higher education in Australia, you are eligible to apply for the visa 485 Temporary Graduate Visa which allow you to work and stay in Australia. Hong Kong passport holders will receive a 5-year 485 visa (starting on July 9, 2020).Please contact us for an evaluation of your eligibility.

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