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[:en]NSW 491 Nomination[:hu]新南威爾士491州提名簽證[:zh]新南威尔士491州提名签证[:]
[:en]Mr Zane Rebronja – Associate Director, NSW Business and Skilled Migration – NSW Treasury who expressed in the recent Migration Agents session that the open date for NSW 491 likely in the new financial year which means it is on or after 1 July.[:hu]新南威爾士州(新州)商業與技術移民部新州財政部副主任 Zane Rebronja先生 在最近的移民代理會議上表示,新州491州政府提名簽證的開放日期最有可能在新的財政年度,這意味著該日期為7月1日或之後。[:zh]新南威尔士州(新州)商业与技术移民部新州财政部副主任Zane Rebronja先生在最近的移民代理会议上表示,新州491州政府提名签证的开放日期最有可能在新的财政年度,这意味着该日期为7月1日或之后。[:]

[:en]The delay of commencement was due to NSW bushfires and COVID19, there have been some major pushbacks in relation to the 491 visa being rolled out in NSW.[:hu]由於新州之前的叢林大火和 COVID-19疫情關係,推遲了新州491簽證的開始時間。[:zh]由于新州之前的丛林大火和 COVID-19疫情关系,推迟了新州491签证的开始时间。[:]

[:en]The NSW skilled occupation list will remain more or less the same, certain occupations may be added or removed as we continue to assess the damage caused by COVID-19.[:hu]新州的技術職業清單將大致相同,隨著州政府繼續評估COVID-19造成的損害,某些職業可能會增加或刪除。[:zh]新州的技术职业清单将大致相同,随着州政府继续评估COVID-19造成的损害,某些职业可能会增加或删除。[:]

[:en]At present there are approximately 60,000 EOI lodged in the system for NSW.  NSW will continue to be very selective for the invitation to apply.  Onshore applicants will be given priority.  Whilst the standard processing time is 12 weeks for NSW nomination, assuming all of the documents are in place, the nominations can be finalised much sooner.[:hu]

目前,系統顯示新州約有60,000 EOI。在邀請申請方面,新州將繼續嚴謹地選擇最識合的申請人, 而在岸申請人將被優先考慮。雖然新州提名的標準處理時間為12週,但假設所有文件均已到位,提名處理時間可以更快完成。


[:en]Unfortunately there is no way to expedite an application on compelling or compassionate reasons (e.g. applicant’s current visa is due to expire), applicants will need to make arrangements to apply for another visa if applicable.[:hu]

遺憾的是,現時無法加快審理的進度, 例如是以特殊原因 (例子:申請人目前簽證即將到期),也無法因此而加快審理的進度,申請人將需自行作出申請其他簽證的安排。


[:en]132/188 Nomination[:hu]132/188簽證[:zh]132/188签证[:]
[:en]He also expressed that that both subclasses 132/188 hopefully will re-open on 1 July 2020, however there is no guarantee that the exact date or the number of places available as the final number of places allocated for next financial year will be determined by the Department of Home Affairs(DoHA). In most cases the numbers asked by NSW align with the numbers allocated by DoHA which is good news.[:hu]他還表示,132/188這兩類簽證都有望在2020年7月1日重新開放,但是不能保證確切的日期或相關的配額,因為這是由內政部分配的。在大多數情況下,新州要求的配額與內政部分配的配額一致,這是個好消息。[:zh]他还表示,132/188这两类签证都有望在2020年7月1日重新开放,但是不能保证确切的日期或相关的配额,因为这是由内政部分配的。在大多数情况下,新州要求的配额与内政部分配的配额一致,这是个好消息。[:]

[:en]It is unlikely that there will be any major changes to 132/188 visa programmes, it is encouraged to check with NSW State site for the most update information.[:hu]132/188簽證計劃要求應不太可能發生重大變化,建議申請者留意新州網站以獲取最新消息。[:zh] 132/188签证计划要求应不太可能发生重大变化,建议申请者留意新州网站以获取最新消息。[:]

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