Subclass 482

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS)

Who is this Visa for?

This visa enables employers to address labour shortages by bringing in genuinely skilled workers where they cannot source an appropriately skilled Australian You must be sponsored by an approved business. A business can sponsor someone for this visa if they cannot find an Australian citizen or permanent resident to do the skilled work.

The TSS visa programme comprises a Short-Term stream and a Medium-Term stream, the visa holder can stay from one year to four years depending on the nominated occupation, the visa stream and if the applicant’ country has international Trade Obligation with Australia.


TSS visa holders can work in Australia in their nominated occupation for their approved sponsor under one of the following streams

Application Process

To make it short, this visa involves a three-step process. Firstly, an employer applies for a standard business sponsorship. Secondly, the employer nominates an employee and the last, an application made by the employee. The nominated work must be the job specified in the combined list of eligible skilled occupations.

Criteria for TSS Sponsors and Applicants

These are the criteria that the prospective TSS applicants and businesses must meet

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