🔥🔥🔥 BREAKING NEWS- Special News for Hong Kong people immigrating to Australia-IMPORTANT 🔥🔥🔥

[:en]5 Years 485 Temporary Graduate Visa given to Hong Kong Citizens is known to cover both “Graduate Work Stream” and “Post-Study Work Stream” 5 Years 482 Temporary Skilled Work Period provided to Hong Kong Citizens is also known to cover STSOL, MLTSSL and Labour Stream”

There will be a pathway to permanent resident after the 5 year Visa.

[:hu]近日澳洲總理宣佈給予香港公民的 5年 485 臨時畢業生簽證已知道涵蓋“Post-Study Work Stream ”和“Graduate Work Stream”

另外, 提供給香港公民的5年482 臨時技術簽證的工作逗留期也知道是涵蓋短期丶中長期和勞工協議 流的簽證持有者.



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